Homes having basements and buildings sub grade or below ground level, such as crawlspaces, garages, underground parking, elevator shafts, vaults, etc… will eventually experience problems with water leaking in, and or standing water. AWaterproofing & Drainage Inc. in Portland, OR. have a perfect 100% record of solving leaks, and water drainage problems. Making us truly one of the very best in the industry. If a property or home is going to be sold, there can be NO leaks in structure at all or standing water of any amount in the crawlspace area below the house or building. Once the water or moisture has gotten on top of the plastic (vapor barrier) it can no longer saturate back into the soil and dry up. The only way now is for it to evaporate, and for this to take place the moisture will need to rise and dry out slowly. Which causes the wood used in the framing and the floor joists, to become dry rotted and slowly deteriorate? This process is structurally unsafe for your home and property. Then because of these problems, the inspection needed to allow the home or property to be sold, will not pass inspection or be approved to sell. Not until the water problem is fixed or solved? We work closely with many of the city & county inspectors and realtors in the area. Our work and the services we provide have never once failed to pass inspection on the first time! We ask the question, if you don’t have the time or experience needed to fix it right the first time. How are you going to have the time and ability to do it correctly the second time? Call us if you want to be certain to pass an inspection or if you just want to increase property value in your home with the newly added and dry usable, living space.

Passing home inspections & providing customers with peace of mind is only part of what we have to offer. Our waterproofing and drainage systems & services come with a lifetime warranty that covers repairs, service, and all the installations we provide. Warranties are transferrable with the sale of your home or property. A Waterproofing & Drainage Inc. will solve any water problems you may be having; both while leaking, and wet, or dry at the time of repairs. All devices, products and materials used and installed by us are covered under the manufactures warranty. We will at no additional cost to customer supply labor and services needed to replace or install products under warranty. If the need of service for whatever reason does occur, please call, we will be there in a prompt, professional and timely manner, or as needed in the case of emergencies.

  Other companies that claim to dry up your basement using their patented pipe systems (it is actually a square tubing not having a curved belly to allow for optimal drainage and flow of water,) are not even their own systems, ideas, or their design. Their patents are not their patent at all. They take credit for and in some cases blame the national franchise, which provides the products & systems they sell, use and then install in your home or business. Their special patented systems or pipe they sell you will be installed in or under the concrete floor in your basement, located next to wall. and installed on top of the foundation’s footing. Making it impossible to have any grade or slope on their patented drainage systems, due to the well known fact “that all footings and foundations are built level or flat” Their (socalled) special pipe is also designed to leave a gap in the cold joint (where the floor and wall use to meet.) Leaving a space where the floor and wall once met and were joined together. Now the water from a leaking foundation wall can run down the wall through the gap they have created and into their (so-called) special drainage pipe, before it can run across the concrete floor. The (so-called) special patented pipes they install are their only way of waterproofing your structure? Only without ever actually stopping the water leaking in. They drain water away by having the leak travel down the wall and into their special pipe located on top of the footing, below the concrete floor. Often they will install a moisture barrier to the inside of the foundation walls to hide the fact that the water is continuing to come through the concrete. The only sure and correct way to seal the concrete foundation is from the exterior side, before it enters the concrete in the wall. Now, they are having to sell you their more expensive floor system, as a way of draining away water from the actual wall leak. How can that be considered sealed, repaired, or waterproof? We see that special pipe used in their systems, as only a patent for future problems.

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*References available upon request*