Wet basements & water in crawlspaces, along with all of the problems due to leaky foundations are nothing new and are as old as the homes themselves.AWaterproofing & Drainage Inc.  has seen, diagnosed, repaired, and solved them all. Water will leak into basements & crawlspaces through problems in your foundation, from rising water tables or any opening it can use, including leaking walls, floor leaks, and through cracks in the foundation, Even at the cold joints along the floors & walls, where the two meet. Caused from hydrostatic pressure, water can even pass through the concrete foundation itself, Ties and metal brackets used or spreaders and straps running through walls to hold panels or forms in place, when pouring concrete foundations, plus cold joints, rock pockets or voids in old deteriorating concrete. Which is one reason why basements are notoriously damp and will eventually begin to leak. Every year basements and crawlspaces begin to leak, that have never leaked before. This is due to a number of factors, such as removing trees or new construction being done near you etc…

Don’t be fooled by other waterproofing companies that will often try to sell you on using their inferior basement waterproofing systems & solutions, with flashy things like a special patented square style pipe, or convince you to install a special plastic moisture barrier. Which they attach on the interior side of the foundation wall and drain the water that is continuing to leaking through the foundation. Just behind their installed (so-called) special moisture barrier. Never stopping the actual leak and therefore allowing the water still leaking in through the wall, to continue to erode away the concrete used in the foundation. Secretly destroying your homes foundation, that’s hidden behind their special plastic moisture barrier. Not to mention the important fact that this and all the waterproofing systems & products used and installed by them, are designed, manufactured and produced by companies other than themselves. YES, the systems they offer to sell you and then install, are not even their own idea or design. Giving them someone else to pass the buck to, when there is a problem and something does go wrong with a system that isn’t even their own. Often leaving home owners not satisfied, and having to call AWaterproofing & Drainage Inc. to fix or repair the work that was done wrong, using their special, patented type of waterproofing systems or incorrect solutions. Or  others, just to have us remove a sump pump installed, that was not needed or working as well as promised. We can say with 100% certainty, that not even one of our customers have ever had to call another waterproofing contractor to come and fix or repair any of our work, EVER! and won’t.

AWaterproofing & Drainage Inc. install our own custom waterproofing systems that we created, designed and developed, over years, using our experience and the proven dependability of our own systems & the services we provided. We stick to solutions that have continued to work for us, and have stood the test of time, because if it’s not broken, why try to fix it. Just one more reason for you to call A Waterproofing & Drainage Inc. The most experienced & qualified basement waterproofing and drainage specialists, and the industry’s leading experts. *The Highest Quality Work Available offered at a fair and honest price *Contact our Wet Basement Waterproofing and Crawlspace repair specialists today at (503) 8473717 for all of your basement waterproofing needs in Portland, Oregon. and the surrounding areas. Drying up wet basements and water in crawlspaces is what we do, and no one has proven to be more consistent, and successful over the years. We offer the highest quality and most reliable waterproofing and drainage solutions available, call AWaterproofing & Drainage Inc.

Experienced, Knowledgeable, Dependable, Reliable, Consistent, Accurate, Honest, and Respectful, atAWaterproofing & Drainage Inc. we are all of these and more.  Solving your problems and making certain you are satisfied with the services we provided, are how our business was built. Wanting to make sure all your concerns were addressed and problems taken care of, is how we remain #1. One of the things we are most proud of is our customer service and the positive comments we constantly receive on just how professional, clean, polite, thorough, and helpful our employees are.

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