A Waterproofing & Drainage Inc. locally owned & operated. Proudly serving the Greater Portland/Metro and surrounding areas for over 25 years. We are a licensed, bonded, and insured basement waterproofing and drainage contractor, located in Portland, Oregon. A  member of the C.C.B. #209016  Specializing in all types of wet basement waterproofing, drainage systems & services, crawlspace repair, water in basements and water in crawlspaces, any wet basement repair or leaky foundation repair, wall leaks, floor leaks, wall crack repairs, and all other basement waterproofing and drainage services. Including lowering the dangerous radon gas levels in your home’s basement. We design, build and then install our own custom drainage systems, and our services are backed by a lifetime warranty. Covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee, along with quality references from any of our satisfied customers. We are the industry’s top basement waterproofing and drainage expert in Oregon, including Portland, and the surrounding areas.

At  AWaterproofing & Drainage Inc. we have proudly served Portland, OR and the Metro areas for over 25 years with our Local Basement Waterproofing. We have 1,000’s of satisfied customers locally, and are always hoping to gain more. Our reputation as the top Basement Waterproofing Contractor rests on our proven ability to consistently solve every basement and crawlspace drainage issue. When the others can’t, and our work history, skills, and experience guarantee only quality treatment of all our valued customers. From Gresham to Salem no other waterproofing company can offer the history & experience  we have, at any price. We continue to maintain the highest customer satisfaction rating, year after year. We make sure every aspect of your Basement Waterproofing experience with us is easy, convenient, and reasonably priced. We are a company you can count on and trust for years to come, heck we’re not going anywhere, we love it here!

All of us at AWaterproofing & Drainage Inc. thank you for visiting our custom websites and hope to serve you with all your Local Basement Waterproofing and drainage needs in Portland, OR and the surrounding areas.

  AWaterproofing & Drainage Inc. have taken the best concepts from conventional waterproofing methods and combined them with the most dependable and effective waterproofing and drainage systems ever designed. The proven methods & systems our company has developed to permanently dry up wet basements and water in crawlspaces, are quickly being copied & used by others, throughout the industry. You get noticed when you offer the best products, services and are consistently recognized as #1 (you may of noticed evidence of such, with the similarities in content from our web pages?) We have been told, imitation is the greatest form of flattery. We have reinvented the process and created our very own custom drainage systems that are both reliable & dependable, with remarkable and proven results. We were able to accomplish this by using our years of knowledge & experience, with the added benefits of growing up and living here in Oregon. We continue to be the #1 basement waterproofing and drainage contractor in Oregon, year after year, based on our ability to constantly provide accurate solutions, where the others fail. Through years of hard work and research, (and yes, even some trial and error.) A Waterproofing & Drainage Inc. has been able to develope the most effective, reliable and dependable long-term solutions for drying up wet basements and water in crawlspaces permanently. The systems and the services we provide have been continuing to keep basements and crawlspaces dry year after year. Instilling continued confidence in our guarantee and the warranties we offer our customers. 

If you are having any problems passing home inspections due to standing water in the crawlspace area below your home, or just signs of previous water from stains on your vapor barrier . AWaterproofing & Drainage Inc. have the most reliable & dependable crawlspace repair systems in the entire industry. We offer lifetime warranties that are transferable with the sale of the property and we stand behind all our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We don’t fail inspections.

A Waterproofing & Drainage Inc. prepares by prepping our job sites & work areas, both inside and out. This helps us to provide a safe, clean, and organized work place, and keeps projects on schedule. We make certain to leave our completed jobs, all picked up and just as clean as if we were never there. We don’t believe in leaving a mess for our customers to have to clean after we are gone. We don’t pile or put dirt, rock, or debris on any surface without first putting plastic, tarps and or plywood down, especially on grass or sod. We keep our job sites cleaned up as we go, not thinking it can all be cleaned up at the end. It just doesn’t work out that way. Always careful & safe when operating equipment, power tools or doing any excavation needed to your home or structure’s foundation. Why risk the disappointments that can come with the rest of them, when you can hire The Very Best of them!   AWaterproofing & Drainage Inc.

 AWaterproofing & Drainage Inc. is the top rated basement waterproofing and drainage contractor. We are an ethical & responsible small business owner. We have a certain high standard, (No it’s not always the easiest, fastest, or less expensive way to do things) but it has been working for us, and our satisfied customers for close to 30 years, with fantastic results. We perform all our work and treat every job, as if it were our own. Always asking ourselves the question, “Is that the best possible way to do that? Would I except that, if things were the other way around?”(we pay close attention to detail) Just another one of the ways we remain #1 in customer satisfaction, year after year.

Residential and Commercial, No job is too large or too small for us; We dry up them all. NO ONE DOES IT BETTER

 “AWaterproofing & Drainage Inc. challenges our readers to do a little research on recent activities at the once, highly regarded B.B.B. and their faulty grading system. How accurate and honest can a referral really be, if you have to pay someone to give it? And more importantly how much integrity can the B.B.B. have, when for a monthly fee. They will knowingly give the unsuspecting public, a good referral of one of their paying customers, knowing that client is anything but!!  The B.B.B. is not a State run or State backed organization. They are the farest thing possible from a non profit organization, thought to be there to protect the public.                                                           (Watch the segment shown on the television news show 20/20)

 Look and see for yourself !    It’s like asking a fox to watch over the hen house?

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