We Dry Up Wet Basements & Water in Crawlspaces:

Through years of research, combined with decades of hands on experience right here in Portland, Oregon, and the wet Pacific Northwest. The Top Rated Professionals atAWaterproofing & Drainage Inc. have designed & developed the most effective, reliable and dependable long-term solutions for drying up wet basements and water in crawlspaces, when others can’t. The services, along with the systems we install, have been continuing to keep basements and crawlspaces dry year after year. We are Oregon’s leading experts in basement waterproofing and foundation repair, fixing leaking foundations that allows water to get in your basement or the crawlspace area below your home.  All homes eventually begin to leak. Concrete foundations that have basements will have two types of leaks! Either in through the foundation walls! Or up through the concrete floors, due to water pushing up from below, through areas at the cold joint (where wall and floor meet) This is caused from hydrostatic pressure, high water tables pressing against your basement floor and coming up through the cold joint. Where the floor is engineered to rest on the foundation’s footing, this eliminates the floor from settling, and is most often the thinnest part of the concrete in your basement floor. Or it will come up through cracks in the basement floor, where ever it needs to, in order to relieve the building pressure(hydrostatic pressure). The foundation walls leak from surface water or water from above, things like water from a hose or sprinkler. You can usually get a foundation wall to leak by running a hose or pouring water along side the wall of your foundation. A person can run their water hose, plus your neighbors hoses as well. You will not get a floor to leak with a hose! You will not and cannot cause or create hydrostatic pressure, or cause the water table to rise with a water hose. It takes a big accumulation of water or rain fall, snow melt, etc… We Dry Up Wet Basements & Water in Crawlspaces, Permanently and no other waterproofing company has done it better and more consistent over the last 25 years. We can diagnose with amazing accuracy, any and all the basement waterproofing and crawlspace drainage issues you may be experiencing. Then offer the highest quality waterproofing solutions and repairs available at a fair price. No other basement waterproofing and drainage contractor in Portland, Oregon and the Pacific Northwest, or the systems & services they provide, will compare to the high quality & dependability of AWaterproofing & Drainage Inc. at any price, that’s our guarantee! 

 With just a few questions, the first being “would you prefer a system and solution that doesn’t use a sump pump”?  A Waterproofing & Drainage Inc. can usually describe and explain the cause and reasons for the water problems you’re experiencing, often by where your home is located. We know that no other waterproofing company has the amount of experience, and knowledge we offer. We have figured out certain areas of town are known for having particular types of water problems, common to most located in that vicinity, and the type of water troubles known to be associated with that particular area of town. Certain types of water issues we find very common to certain parts of Portland and the surrounding areas. We have over a quarter century of knowledge & experience in solving every single type of leak or water problems home owner’s encounter all over the state of Oregon, Portland/Metro and surrounding areas. If you are having problems with standing water in the crawlspace area below your home, and it won’t pass the home inspection needed in order to sell it. AWaterproofing & Drainage Inc. have the most reliable & dependable crawlspace repair systems. They come with lifetime warranties that are transferable with the sale of the property and we stand behind all our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which include passing inspections.

Ask” about our Custom Drainage Systems that can lower your homes dangerous Radon gas levels. “Now not only do we keep your basements dry, and safe. The increased Sq. footage and extra dry living space raises your property value, and is a much healthier home, as a result of. 

Make sure to call  A Waterproofing & Drainage Inc. Oregon’s leading basement waterproofing and drainage company, having the highest customer satisfaction rating every year, and the absolute lowest amount of service calls. We gain more new loyal customers with every job we complete. We would rather break even on our jobs and know that our customers are completely happy, than for us to make money and leave any customer feeling less than satisfied. It’s how I was taught and what we pledge in our guarantee to our customers. Our crews always show up on time, because your time is just as valuable as ours. AWaterproofing & Drainage Inc. won’t ever use pressure sales or environmental scare tactics to sell any of our systems and services to homeowners. Our companies good name, work ethic, and spotless reputation does that for us. Given the same circumstances, we believe if we are given the chance to offer customer our products and services. The majority will make the decision to go with us, at least as far as we can tell. We work full days and are in and out as promised, with all of our projects completed on schedule. We will usually ask for no more than 30% down to cover materials needed for the project, and we will not ask or expect to be paid the balance until all work is completed and everyone is fully satisfied. We have several of the most experienced crews working everyday in basements all around Portland everyday and our wait time is usually less than 3 days out. The work is completed in anywhere from 2 to 7 days depending on job description. Final payment is not needed until your job is completed. We don’t want your money before we have gained your confidence in us and have proven to you, the reason we are the #1 basement waterproofing and drainage contractor in Portland, Oregon, and more importantly showing you just how important your business and satisfaction are to us. We are the Only waterproofing contractor to offer such a guarantee, “If we cant fix or solve your water leaks and or drainage problems, then you shouldn’t have to pay for it, and don’t! 

We Dry Up Wet Basements & Water in Crawlspaces, PERMANENTLY!


From Wet to dry in the Blink of an Eye!

When it Pours, “We Reign


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